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A single maltalytic converter......

I have lost count of the times that someone has come into the bar and proclaimed that "they can't stand whisky!" This statement originates from limited exposure to blends and no exposure to single malts, the fact that there are around 500 flavour congeners in a single malt is just a tasty side plate to the banquet of whiskies available to us all.
On that note, my immediate response to the above statement is "well, in that case try my converter....." it rarely, if ever, fails to impress and convert the sceptic......

The Balvenie Doublewood 12yo 43%.
Sweet oloroso sherry, dusty barley, vanilla, seville marmalade and whisky fudge, eventually developing a hint of smoky oak.
The palate is thin but the oloroso dominates, leaving the vanilla behind, then a touch of woodsmoke and that seville orange note lingers on the finish.
Water opens the darker fruits like raisins, sultanas and orange cordial.
All these elements come together on the palate as a whisky marmalade made from dark spicy stewed fruit and seville oranges.87
Enticing, inviting, beautifully balanced.............the converter.
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