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Whisky prices

I love this mobile blogging thing! Sitting at a coffee shop in the bustling metropolis of Nelspruit waiting for my coffee, which I can't have because Eskom's done their bit in cutting off the power! So I thought I'd take some time to tell you about recent local Whisky price changes. Noticed some amazing specials recently? Not just the usual Christmas specials - Johnny Black at less than R250? It's called parallel imports and there's plenty of whispering in the industry, positive and negative, depending on where you sit in the supplier-consumer chain. We're not talking grey imports here, it's legit merchandise (the real McCoy as they say in Whisky-speak), sourced via another route. "So what?" you say. Does it matter where itcomes from as long as I can save a few buffalos (R100 notes for all you foreign blog followers!). While I have long felt that imported Whisky is overpriced - duty on alcohol is volume-based so who's ripping us? - there is also the very important aspect of marketing to consider. To launch a new Whisky here marketing costs are exhorbitant, so why not let the big boys do all that and we'll bring in the parallel imports? Food for thought? The power's on and my coffee just arrived, so till next time...
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