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A brace of old sea salts......

Wick is a windswept coastal fishing village, situated on the rugged east coast and is home to the Pulteney distillery, the most northerly on the Scottish mainland.

Their maritime malts are underrated, great value for money and therefore well worth exploring and are only available in South Africa at Spar's Tops.

Old Pulteney 12yo 43%
Briny hint of peat on the nose with the palate offering an interesting sweetly-dry note with sea salt on the finish.
Water opens this dram beautifully with smoky vanilla and pears, the palate sweetly fruity then loads of salt...truly maritime! 83

Old Pulteney 17yo 46%
A fresh, sweet, saline, fruity nose like a vanilla-laced sea breeze.
The palate is a riot of oily mouth feel, honey, apple and then greengage and plum skin.
Water opens with citrus, seville marmalade, then malted barley and butterscotch emerges on the nose.
The tongue is coated with a thick sweet fruity mix with a long salty finish that lingers and then morphs into charred sherry oak.
An amazing dram! 92
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