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Black is beautiful, or so the Scots and Japs think....

Johnnie Walker Black Label 12 yo Blend 43%
Metallic top note that shadows the sherry and vanilla notes underneath, then smoky tendrils lace together the candied peel and fruit.
The palate is buttery, oily, a full bodied flavour of 85% coffee-flavoured dark chocolate and then a short dry finish.
Water opens the dram with stewed fruit, orange cordial and smoked honey.
Thickening the liquid it now has an eye-popping, silky, fruit-driven texture with the bitter chocolate and smoke lingering.
Despite the initial, very odd coppery note this really is a superb premium blend. 86

Johnnie Walker Double Black Blend 40%
Sweet sherry and smoke, then creme brulee with a thick, crispy caramelised top layer sprinkled with allspice and icing sugar.
The signature silky smooth full body coats the tongue with rich dark fruits and a smoky chilli-bite finish.
Water opens this one with dark orange chocolate and an exquisite balance of sweet smoky fruits.
Double Black? A gimmick? I thought so when I first saw this expression. However it is enormously impressive and for me knocks the iconic Black Label off its lofty perch.
I look forward to Double Black's general release. 88

Nikka Pue Malt Black 43% - Batch: 18H06C
A voluptuous nose of manzanilla/amontillada sherry along with rich dark fruits and a smoking peat backdrop for dark toffee, liquorice, sweet garden mint and honeyed barley.
The palate is a full smooth body of oloroso sherried oak, stewed fruit and then a bite of salt to finish.
Water brings out an orange zest and more smoke stirred into the fruity stew, drying the salty finish to a lingering Spanish sherry and charred oak.
Beautifully crafted, beautifully balanced. 90
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