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Braveheart Blue Blended Malt (NAS) [Around 55% ABV]

This rich, blended malt is immediately inviting on the nose, citrus to start, then huge dark fruit notes under rich cake spices; Christmas cake in an apple orchard with chestnuts roasting on an open fire. The smoke is restrained, but makes its presence felt with a little water (sacrilege really!). Taken neat, the honey sweetness hits at first, then the warming, waxy mouth-feel. Huge dark fruits emerge, the spices lingering, leading to a delectably long, sherried fruitcake finish. The smoke teases gently, the palate begs for more…
Not bad for a first attempt at blending, the marriage having taken place in a sherry seasoned cask for around 2 months. The component whiskies have to remain a cherished secret, but rest assured they are all superb single malts; most have never been subjected to blending, and aged between 8 and 20 years.
At R 2500.00 per tot* this is indeed great value for money, bearing in mind only around 500ml of this liquid nectar remain.

*For every tot sold R 2442.00 is donated to the “Send Steve & Eve to Scotland” fund.
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