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The Pot o' Gold has been found in a Midleton warehouse....

Midleton 1998 12yo Sherry Single Cask 58% (Sample)
Oloroso sherry pronounced, tree tomato jam, ultra spicy, ginger, cardamom, stewed prunes and a smoked honey note.
Intensely dark fruit sherry marinade that thickly coats the tongue, then chilli and long in the finish.
Water plumbs the depths-inky, rumtopf, seems older than it is. A wondrous balance of dark fruit, spice and sherry developing to liquorice allsorts. 93

Midleton 1991 19yo Bourbon Single Cask 55% (Sample)
Intense vanilla and trodden grapes, spearmint, menthol, strawberry fruit chew(Opal/Sugus), Rowntree's blackcurrant fruit pastille. This has to be the heart and soul of Jameson's 18yo. Exquisite nose.
The palate is all blackcurrant, Ribena, the most berried palate I have ever tasted. Delicious doesn't come close. Scrumptious, deleriously moreish....I kid you not. The finish, doesn't. Long, sweet mixed berries that eventually dries and requires you to pour yourself another dram. For me, the best Irish whiskey I have ever had the pleasure of tasting. 95
This whiskey has just had a limited release of only 200 bottles at 53.7% so if you want a taste of the best Irish pot still ever....come to the bar......

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