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The Hindu Trinity known as Amrut.....

The Amrut Legend
"According to legend, the Gods and Rakshasas fought each other in a tug of war using the mythical snake "Adishesha" as a rope. The snake was tied round a golden mountain in the ocean.
During the battle, a pot containing a divine liquid arose from the churning waves. This liquid was named 'Amrut' and was believed to give eternal life to whoever drank it.
The Gods were victorious and took possession of the 'Amrut', thus vanquishing the evil Rakshasas.
Centuries later the name 'Amrut' meaning the 'Nectar of Life' in Sanskrit was given to our company, by our founder as a mark of all good things in life" - Amruit Distillery.
The casks used are mainly ex-bourbon and interestingly due to the severe climate in Bangalore, the Angel's share during maturation, is between 12% and 15% as opposed to around 2% in Scotland. Bearing in mind that maturation is much faster and intense in India. this would mean that a storage period of longer than four years is virtually impossible.........
Amrut Indian Single Malt 46%
Ripe bananas, vanilla, malted barley, citrus, sweet lemon and cardamom.
Initially vanilla, rich seville marmalade then chillied barley and oak on the palate, drying on the finish.
A dash of water brings out more of the spice, ginger, boiled sweets and then strawberry ice lolly emerges.
The palate has sweetened up and oils the tongue, the chilli note now more peppery, the oak lingering.
A dram that develops exquisitely and is beautifully balanced. 90

Amrut Peated Indian Single Malt 46% Batch No: 07 Bottled: June 2010
Surprisingly, seaweed steeped in brine with a coating of vanilla, smoky oak, shellfish, candied fruits and blackcurrant pastilles.
Initially, oily vanilla on the tongue then tar, a slight rubbery note, then big peat with a chilli pepper finish, developing to a lingering TCP congener.
Water opens up the surgical sweetness beautifully, honeyed antiseptic, caramel and toffee deeper down.
On the palate the sweet and peat ratches up a notch or two but softens the peppers with a toasted, tarry dryness lingering. 93
Amrut Fusion Single Malt 50% Batch No: 05 Bottled: January 2010
Jasmine, then the sweetest, richest mix of soft brown sugar, vanilla, barley, oak, allspice, citrus and caramel.
A nose that is truly so sublime it took 20 minutes before I got near the taste of this unique liquid.
The palate packs a massive punch of sweet orange barley initially then a powerful 'Oh My God' mix of stewed spiced fruit, rumtopf, charred oak and peat smoke drying delectably at the finish.
A spot of water sweetens even further bringing forth more peat and a lingering (forever) smoky finish.
This is one of the finest, most complex whiskies I have ever tasted. 96
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