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JURA is Norse for "deer island".....6000 deer, 200 people, one road, one hotel and one astonishing distillery....

Jura Single Malt 10 yo 43%
Orange dark chocolate, musty oak, rich honeyed sherry, a hint of smoke (horse sweat) and complex dark fruits. Exraordinary aromas on so many levels.
As this dram develops, the smoke becomes more prevalent, rising on a spicy wave of the sweetest barley.
One of the most complex noses I have experienced.
The palate has an oily, full-bodied mouthfeel of oloroso sherry, drying to a charred smoky sherried finish.
Water introduces toffee and a stunning orange caramel sauce, musty wood and the smoke pulsing underneath.
The palate becomes oilier with the oloroso lingering. 90

Jura Superstition Single Malt 43%
Rum and raisin, orange zest, spiced barley, cardamom and a touch of peat.
There is vanilla and cinammon sticks on the palate with a bitter dryness on the finish.
Water brings out more of the smoke and a nutty toffee but the palate retains the charred cinammon stick finish. 82

Jura 16 yo Single Malt 43%
Rich oloroso sherry, walnuts, Terry's chocolate orange, a smudge of peat smoke in the depths, then honey drenched barley, toffee, fudge, rich dark fruit stew in a sherry marinade with a vanilla pod thrown in for good measure...gorgeous!
The palate experiences a smooth rich rumtopf mouthfeel, spiked with honey and vanilla with a sublime oloroso finish.
Water shifts this dram up a gear and reveals more smoke, sherried barley and Spanish oak.
Exquisite! 92

Jura 21 yo Single Malt 43%
Rich sherry, dark toffee, spicy inkwell, Liquorice Allsorts, Matabele Ant(furniture polish?), Seville marmalade and in time a hint of smoke develops.
A thick, oily coating on the palate as the oloroso dominates with the bitter dark marmalade close behind. The finish is dry and woody,
Despite the stunning nose the palate disappoints. 86

Jura Elements "Earth" Single Malt 1999 Bottled 2008 46%
Islay style - sherry and smoke but rich and voluptuous, medicinal and inky, the sherry just managing to mask some of the younger elements in this dram.
The palate however is exotic and hypnotic, the mouthfeel so oily and silky soft.
The balance between the sweet sherry and peat smoke truly works with this one, sublimely smooth through the finish of oloroso, medicinal tarry ropes and wow!.. the sherried medicinal smoke lingers on and on and on and on....
A magnificent classic Mr. Paterson. Thank you! 94
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