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Once a lost distillery, then found and resurrected 10 years later in 1993, Benromach has become a force to be reckoned with...

Benromach Traditional 6 yo Single Malt 43%
Intensely sweet vanilla and woodsmoke, the barley drenched in honey.
Cloyingly sweet on the tongue with a mid palate of burning leaves that finishes abruptly.
The palate is a reflection of the nose but there is a lack of balance as the vanilla icing and smoke seem wholly at odds with one another both competing for dominance.
Water enhances the stunning nose with sweet pine emerging but despite the honeyed silkiness on the tongue, the burnt smoke is still too disparate and too thin, making this dram difficult to swallow. 79

Benromach 10 yo Single Malt 43%
Vanilla and malt with the gentle hum of peat in the background.
The sweetness of the vanilla is intense on the tongue, eventually making way for the peat smoke that follows with just a hint of rubber on the finish.
This is definitely the "Traditional" mellowed out with age. A better balanced, uncomplicated, no-frills dram. 84

Benromach Organic Single Malt 43%
Warmed honey, ripe orange segments, malt 'n oak in barrel loads, freshly cut grass and sweet rich barley sugar.
This astounding combination of honeyed barley and new wood creates a massive hit of flavour on the palate. Deliciously rich and sensuous on the tongue with toffee, a touch of orange and a hint of bourbon on the finish.
A drop of water sweetens and richens the pot...exquisite! 90

Benromach Organic Special Edition Single Malt 43%
Young Islay comes to mind immediately. Gentle peat smoke, briny barley with ribbons of vanilla interlaced with seaweed, salty sweet with a sniff of rubber in the air.
Orangey sweetness initially, the mouthfeel rich and packed with Islay flavours, then gorgeous peat smoke with a hint of tyre rubber on the finish.
A dash of water boosts the honey sweetness, tempering the peat a little, the barley chugging along beautifully...perfectly balanced. 90

Benromach Peat Smoke 6 yo Single Malt 46%
Light, airy, the smoke is there but more earthy in essence, sweet rubber as the vanilla kicks in.
This dram claims peat but begs finesse...
Ahhhhh...the palate suddenely boots the door open with a tubful of smoky vanilla ice cream, a la Ardbeg, belying the delicate nature of the nose.
Gorgeous and so Islay-like, the palate is dramatically balanced.
Benromach have got this one spot-on...92

Benromach 25 yo Single Malt 43%
Warm aromatic spice, golden buttery icing, the barley is there but subdued under the weight of oak and vanilla, then lemon custard creams.
Spicey, silky smooth with lemon icing on the palate and creme brulee.
This is a touch of class, dessert wine style in its purest, yummiest form. WOW! 93

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