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A week of moonshine and madness.......

A huge thank you to all who supported this year's Dullstroom Winter Festival in general and the whisky bar specifically!!
It was busy madness on an industrial scale...looking forward to a similar successful celebration this time next year...

Secreted amongst our collection is a miniature (50ml) of a Gordon & Macphail blended malt from the Mortlach distillery bottled during the early 1970's.
Almost all the production from Mortlach goes into the Johnnie Walker range, so single or blended malts, proprietary or independents are a rarity.
The Mortlachs we have had the privilege of tasting have been generally phenomenal expressions so a decision was made to open this little offering.....

Mortlach Pure Highland Malt 40% Gordon & Macphail Miniature
The pale amber colour in the bottle belies this dram's exotically dark and mysterious nature in the glass.
Aged oloroso sherry in deep dark orange amber, liquorice, cloves, seville orange rind dipped in dark choclate laced with Carribean rum. Exotic, luxurious, rich, sweet and spicy with a whiff of old, dank Spanish oak.
Astonishing nose!
Softly coating the tongue, oloroso sweet, then the powerhouse of sherry, oak and seville marmalade, finishing with a briny mix of stewed rum and raisin.
Outstanding whisky...just wish there was more :-( 92

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