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Fettercairn's furore over Fior........more like Wild About Whisky's frenzy over Fior...

Fettercairn Distillery
Established in 1824 Fettercairn has a unique still system of cascading waterfalls down their necks, which increases the reflux thereby creating a much lighter spirit, typical of the Fettercairn character, so a bottling like Fior was unexpected.....

Fettercairn 1991 13yo Single Malt Refill Hogshead 50% OMC
With the use of a refill hoggy, this is a muted version of the 1824 12yo with light honey and the grassy notes combining with the background barley.
However the palate ups the ante with the sweet vanillas and spice dominating, then the chillis, hotter now with a nutty finish and a slight hint of rubber.
A dash of aqua will boost the sweetness and tame the chilli a tad but this dram suffers from a lack of balance. 81

Fettercairn 1824 12yo Single Malt 40%
Good, strong malted barley with an icing sugar coating of vanilla.
A classic vanilla 'n malt whisky, honey 'n barley in shiel loads.
This is a simple but well made 12 year old, light but balanced with the palate reflecting the nose, a mid-palate of sweet chilli and walnuts on the finish.
Water sweetens the honey pot and there is a suggestion of peat. 84

Fettercairn Fior Single Malt 42%
Firstly, the colour is astonishing - hot liquid amber!
The nose is a mixed berry fruit salad with bite-size chunks of milk chocolate swimming in the sweetest rose' marinade, then whiffs of peat smoke wafting through the fruit-juiced barley.
With all that sweet juicy-fruit on the nose the palate does reflect a soft tender rose' initially, then a surprising hot spicy pepper drying to a lingering, smoky, vinous finish.
This dram is far from done.....a dash of water brings out more of the florally, fruity peat style reminiscent of Bowmore on the nose with the ever sweet berry cornucopia on the palate and a liquorice lingering finish. Romance in a bottle. 92

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