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A brace of even older salty sea dogs.....

Pulteney is the most northerly distillery on the Scottish mainland and is situated in the small fishing village of Wick. Once, the busiest herring post in Europe and named after the Viking word for bay, Wick is now host to one of the best-selling single malts in Scotland.

Pulteney Distillery
Interestingly, the solitary wash still comes with a giant ball, to increase reflux and a top that was chopped off as the still was too tall for the stillroom when it was installed!
As will be seen from the following tastings, the sea breezes and salty air are very evident in the taste and character that is Old Pulteney single malt.

Old Pulteney 17yo Single Malt 46% (a revisit)
Sweetly maritme, salty stewed pears, Granny Smith's apples, a sea scented breeze blowing through a summer fruit orchard.
Vanilla 'n salt combine exotically, warm, caressing like a dense honey-drenched ocean. Huge oily mouthfeel, liqueur-like in texture, apple and plum, then pepper 'n spice that finishes with the dry, salty, sanguine mix of European oak. 91

Old Pulteney 21yo Single Malt 46% Unchill-filtered
Funky sea-fog. The tide is out and there are heaps of salt-encrusted seaweed but on the sea breeze there is a strong whiff of berries; cranberries and blueberries to be exact with honey-soaked barley muted in the mist.
Viscous and mouth-coating this dram is a sweet berry stew with waves of salt 'n spice and a finish of salted stewed prunes. 93

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