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The world's finest in single grain whiskey.....

Cooley Distillery
In 1987 John Teeling bought the Ceimici Teo Distillery in Dundalk, Ireland and renamed it Cooley, eventually producing a wide range of Irish whiskeys from peated malt to single grain whiskey and creating hugely successful brands like Connemara, Locke's, Kilbeggan, Tyrconnel and Greenore, a double-distilled, bourbon cask matured single grain whiskey.

Greenore Single Grain Irish Whiskey "Limited Edition" 43%
Vanilla 'n Bourbon with jasmine blossoming in the background.
Sweet and languid, honey liqueur, then some peppery spice with sweet, light bourbon on the finish.
Water just boosts the honey 'n vanilla on every level. A delicious lunch time aperitif. 86

Greenore 8yo Single Grain Irish Whiskey "Small Batch" 43%
Hard to fathom the nose, seems masked at first, then strains of mocha start revealing themselves, then toffee, demerara sugar, then it fades again...
However the palate is monstrous, boldly sugary sweet, with gooseberry and ripe marula dominating.
A dash of aqua brings out the signature Cooley grain note of elastoplast(Band Aid), so best drunk naked as a baby! 87

In the 2012 World Whisky Awards, Greenore 18 was voted best single grain whiskey in the world....
Greenore 18yo Single Grain Irish whiskey "Small Batch" 46% Limited Edition 4000 Bottles.
Astonishing nose, immediate impact of rich sweet toffee, vanilla, jasmine, stewed gooseberry and apple drenched in honey with a hint of bourbon.
Sweet and syrupy as it coats the tongue, then toffee apple dipped into a honeycomb, Oloroso sherry, a little spice, then a long vinous finish.
Water increases the sugars and boosts the bourbon, particularly on the finish but still best neat. Astounding dram. 92

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