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The best of the blended best?.....I think so....

This exceptional twenty one year old commemorates the Knighthood awarded to Alexander Walker in 1920. It contains precious reserves of twenty one year old malt and grain whiskies including extra rare casks from the iconic lost distillery, Brora.
Johnnie Walker XR 21yo Blended Whisky Bottle No: 7312GJW 40%
Old leather washed in Oloroso sherry, cranberries, blueberries, dark toffee, a trace of Matabele ant scurrying along the Spanish oak and a smorgasbord of rich fruit cake and trifle.
Soft as velvet and sweet sherried on the tongue, the toffee gives way to a rich and spicy mid palate, finishing with a long lingering wooded compote of raisins and prunes.
Water releases a few more ants, a hint of smoke and naartjie(tangerine) dipped in dark chocolate.
Stunning, complex, a delight, the best Johnnie Walker and quite possibly the best blend I have ever tasted.96

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