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A gem of an Independent bottling from Springbank....

Hazelburn 9yo Single Malt Sherry Cask 46% Duthies
Top notes of liquid spicy fruit mince marinade, the middle is all sherry soaked orange marmalade and barley with Liquorice Allsorts and then Matabele ants in the basement.
Full bodied and smoothly tongue coating, sweet sherry and then the orange marmalade with a layer of pepper 'n spice are evident. The finish of this bold dram is toasted European oak and a fine fino finish. 88
With a touch of aqua, a hint of horse sweat, Bowmore character, briefly emerges and then the sweetest red berries and bubblegum. 
The palate now more viscous and more of the sherried toasted oak on the finish. 90
P.S. This dram only available for tasting in South Africa at the Wild About Whisky bar in Dullstroom!

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