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"In recognition of Leif Eriksson as the first European....."

To celebrate and recognise the fact that Leif Eriksson, as a Norse explorer, was regarded as the first European to land in north America, nearly 500 years before Christopher Columbus, Highland Park have released:
Highland Park Single Malt Leif Eriksson Release Wholly Matured In American Oak Casks 40%
A cornucopia of orchard fruits and pear drops, coated in honey and sprinkled with vanilla powder and almonds. The richness intensified by tendrils of peat smoke stirring their way through the sweet fruity stew.
Vanilla rich initially on the palate, the mid section is all pepper 'n spice, the finish charred and sweetly oaky.
Water does accentuate the pear drops but boosts the peppery spice. A gentle dram that should be drunk as is, however as HP are celebrating a famous viking's extraordinary achievements, I think a cask strength release would have been more appropriate.....86 

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